Manh Dang, MD

About the Book

This is an inspirational book written from the perspective of a Christian cancer doctor, aimed to encourage and uplift us all who are caring for each other in the valleys among the fields of life. It also reminds us of the simple but most precious gifts in life and the need to care for those less fortunate than we are. Until we walk with God in His heavenly field, we are to walk with each other through the fields and valleys on earth.

1. The Russell Hill Cancer Foundation (to aid poor and/or uninsured cancer patients in and around North Alabama).
2. Project Abundant Life (a transitional housing ministry for single moms in Madison County, Alabama).
3. Bessong Ministries (to aid poor and/or divorced, downtrodden people in North Alabama, and hospital and cancer center chaplaincy).
4. Until They Know Ministry (a ministry for poor Haitians and Dominicans in and around Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic).
5. Desert Rose Ministries (ministries to rescue girls from forced marriages, FGM, and to reach the unreached people in Kenya, Africa).
6. Kenya Relief (a ministry to rescue, house and educate orphans, and to provide medical care for the poor people in Migori, Kenya, Africa).




About the Author

Manh C. Dang, MD, author of the book The Fields, Our Journey through Medicine, Mission, Life, and Faith, is a medical oncologist at the Clearview Cancer Institute in Huntsville, Alabama. Manh is married to Karen and they have a daughter named Emily and triplet sons named Mark, Blake and Tray. Beside from a busy oncology practice, Manh’s passion is to work in the mission field, travel with his wife, dabble in photography, write inspirational blogs and Facebook posts, drive through the countryside at dawn, and go plinking when he can.

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